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Drowning in Emotions & How to Handle the Demise of Your Pool

Swimming pools often symbolise joy, relaxation, and memories shared with family and friends. However, there comes a time when a pool’s lifespan ends – whether due to wear and tear, changing lifestyle needs, or environmental concerns. The decision to demolish or repurpose your pool can be emotional, filled with nostalgia and mixed feelings. This blog article will guide you through the emotional process of saying goodbye to your beloved pool, offering tips on handling the transition, and exploring the benefits of moving on to a new chapter.


Embracing the Decision

Acknowledge Your Feelings

It’s normal to feel a range of emotions when faced with the prospect of demolishing or repurposing your pool. You may experience sadness, loss, or even guilt. Acknowledging these emotions is an essential first step in letting go. Permit yourself to feel whatever emotions arise, and remember that it’s okay to grieve the end of an era.

Focus on the Benefits

While deciding to demolish or repurpose your pool may be difficult, it’s essential to remember the benefits of this choice. Some benefits may include:

  • Financial savings: Removing or repurposing your pool can save you money on maintenance, repairs, and insurance costs.
  • Environmental impact: Demolishing a pool and restoring the area with eco-friendly landscaping can reduce water usage and positively impact the environment.
  • Increased property value: In some cases, removing a pool can increase property value by creating more usable space and reducing maintenance costs for potential buyers.
  • Safety concerns: Removing a pool can eliminate safety hazards, especially for families with young children.

By focusing on these benefits, you can shift your perspective and see the positive aspects of your decision.


Exploring the Options

Research Alternatives

Before making any final decisions, you must explore the various options available. While some homeowners opt for full pool demolition, others may repurpose their pools into something new and useful. Some creative alternatives include:

  • Sunken Garden: Transform your pool into a beautiful, lush garden, providing a serene and peaceful environment.
  • Natural pond: Create a habitat for local wildlife by converting your pool into a natural pond filled with aquatic plants and fish.
  • Rainwater collection system: Capture and store rainwater in your repurposed pool, reducing reliance on municipal water sources and helping the environment.
  • Underground storage: Convert your pool into a functional storage space for outdoor equipment, seasonal items, or a wine cellar.


Consult with Professionals

Once you clearly understand the options, consult with pool demolition or repurposing experts to help you make an informed decision. They can guide the most suitable choice for your property, considering local regulations, environmental impact, and long-term benefits.


Moving Forward

Communicate with Family and Friends

Discuss your decision with family and friends with shared memories in your pool. It can be an opportunity to reminisce and share stories, helping to create a sense of closure. You can also gain valuable support and understanding by involving loved ones.

Plan a Farewell Event

Consider hosting a farewell event for your pool – a final gathering for family and friends to enjoy the space before its transformation. It can be fun and meaningful to say goodbye and create lasting memories.

Embrace the Change

As you move forward with your pool demolition or repurposing project, embrace the change and focus on the new opportunities it brings. Consider the exciting possibilities for your outdoor space, such as a beautiful garden, a cozy patio or an inviting play area for children. By shifting your focus towards the potential of your new outdoor space, you can begin to feel excited and inspired about the transition.

Document the Process

Capture the process of your pool’s transformation through photos and videos. This documentation can serve as a keepsake of your pool’s history and a testament to the exciting changes in your outdoor space. Share these images with family and friends to keep them informed and involved.

Create a Memorial

As you say goodbye to your pool, consider creating a small memorial or tribute to honour its memory. It could be a dedicated garden space with a plaque, a small sculpture, or even a photo album filled with images of happy times spent in the pool. This memorial can remind you of the joy and memories your pool brought you and your loved ones.

Celebrate the New Space

Once your pool has been demolished or repurposed, take the time to celebrate your new outdoor space. Host a gathering with family and friends to unveil the transformed area and create new memories. This celebration can bring closure to the emotional process and signify a fresh start.


The decision to demolish or repurpose your pool can be an emotional journey filled with nostalgia, sadness, and uncertainty. You can navigate the transition gracefully and resiliently by acknowledging your feelings, focusing on the benefits, exploring your options, and involving loved ones. As you move forward and embrace the changes, remember that while your pool may be gone, the memories and connections it fostered will always remain. By transforming your outdoor space into something new and beautiful, you can create new opportunities for joy and connection, ensuring a bright future for you and your loved ones.

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